Can I upload my own photos into an existing property ID?
Yes, you can upload and create a photo tour with photos taken by you, the homeowner, or taken by a hired professional photographer. If not taken by you, you must have copyright permission to use.

Can I customize the interactive slide show?
Yes, from the order of each photo, panning and zooming, the photo transition, and the music that is played.

Can I upload my own music for a slideshow?
Yes, but you are responsible for the copyright permission to use the music. We have a good selection of licensed music and are continually expanding the collection.

How long does a property tour stay active?
As long as you need it to stay active, you’re in total control. The Property ID owner will receive a notice after 90 days to be sure the property is still active and a simple push of the button to “Keep” on the email will set the clock for another 90 days.

Are there any other charges beyond the one credit purchase for a property ID?
For the property virtual tour and all the interactive features there are no hidden charges. You may choose to syndicate your property which is a separate charge for that service.

How many photos can I upload onto a property photo tour?
While 20-40 photos is typical, you have unlimited photos that can be uploaded.

Do credits ever expire?
Credits never expire. Buy your credits in bulk and save!

Is there an account set up fee?
No. Setting up an account is free, in fact, you receive 5 free credits when you sign up so you can experience the benefits. You only pay for the credits when you load a new property.

What is a credit?
1 credit costs $15 = Use all of GoProPix interactive marketing services for one property tour. No Hidden Fees Ever! If know you’re going to use them, buy credits in bulk and save! Credits Never Expire!

Is there a price difference between residential and commercial property tours?
No. Does not matter whether the property is commercial or residential, you still pay the same amount $15 for 1 credit. Coming soon – rental properties listed may have a different pricing schedule given the recurring nature of rental properties – stay tuned.

Do I need to download or use any special software to use the services on the GoProPix website?
No. Just sign up and get started. GoProPix hosts it all.

What is Photographer Branding?
We want you to shine! We provide photographers with 5 places to brand themselves starting with the tour URL or link, with your own logo or business name on the property tour pages, in all email correspondences from your own dashboard to agents, your credits on the bottom of every flyer and brochure, and on your very own portfolio page. (Example of the a tour URL)

Mac compatible?
GoProPix is completely web based. It works on any platform and viewers can use any browser.

Can I add a voiceover to my tours?
Yes, with any uploaded MP3 file that you’ve created with the voice over and music.

Can I download different photo sizes?
Yes. Just select the size you need from the list of sizes already to Go.

GoProPix tours Search Engine Optimized?
Yes. With each property’s key elements allows for Google and other search engines to find and index your tours quickly. The more services and features you create on GoProPix will optimize the property in searches.

Does GoProPix have stats on the number of views my property is getting?
Yes. GoProPix not only gives you the typical number of hits your property is getting each day but we actually take it two steps further and give you viewer feedback from those hits all in an easy to understand graphical presentation.

Do my property tours syndicate?
Yes, for a separate very low cost fee, GoProPix sends your tours to all of the top real estate search sites throughout the entire web. In addition you have control over which sites are syndicated through your own dashboard. It also includes industry groundbreaking detailed reports that show your reach in the market place to your clients.

Can I load both vertical and horizontal photos?
Yes, variety is the spice of life.

What photo size can I upload?
GoProPix automatically creates multiple sizes of the photos being uploaded to optimize presentations in different formats. In order for GoProPix to create the optimized sizes the minimum size for photos being uploaded 2000 pixels wide. Ideally the photos size should be 2500 pixels wide.

Are GoProPix tours MLS compliant?
Yes. All of our tours are MLS compliant. Each one of our tours that you create comes with multiple links. A Full Screen Branded, MLS compliant (IDX), and a full screen Unbranded Link.

Do I have to use all of the GoProPix tour services for every property?
No. You’re in total control and you decide what and how you want to market each property but remember the more interactive tools you use the more interest and inquiries you may get from your marketing.

Can I upload panorama photos onto GoProPix?